Step Five: Mobile application interface

After connecting the prototype to the platform, the data of all device sensors will be available.

The “State Preview” button will appear in the step-by-step assistant:

The State Preview button

The Sensors Preview window

On the product page you will see a similar link:

The State Preview link

The Sensors Preview link

Now you can configure the mobile application to control the device.

When using the wizard, configuring the application is the following fifth stage:

UI configuration window

When using the product page, click on the “Add Layout” button:

The Add Layout button

Having received information about all sensors, the platform will automatically create an application interface. A control widget will be offered for each of the sensors.

Since different widgets can be used for the same device sensor, we recommend that you configure the interface manually. Use the 2Smart Cloud widget library and set the most convenient widget for each sensor. A detailed description of each of the widgets can be found in the help.

Click “Add Widget" in the mobile app emulator to access the widget library.

The Add Widget button

The Select Widget Type window

You can also:

  • delete existing widgets;
  • rename existing widgets;
  • change the order of widgets using the drag-and-drop function;
  • group widgets using tabs.

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